TV Wall For A Living Room

Most living rooms have a TV but are not styled appropriately for this function. Here's a fine example of how the TV wall can be properly styled to give the room a classy and integrated feel. The sophisticated use of marble and veneer on the wall renders just the right effect.


Dining Area Design

Here's the dining area section of a living room at one of our projects at Oberoi, Goregaon, Mumbai. While the living room theme is contemporary, the dining table, benches and chairs add elements of the classical style to the room which enhances the high-end feel.

Children's Bedroom in a Contemporary Theme

A children's bedroom executed in one of our projects at Oberoi, Goregoan Mumbai. The theme strikes just the right balance between clean uncluttered styling coupled with the brightness and freshness required of a child's room. The room makes the most of the natural light available in this high-rise. The room is also designed to optimise the space and storage.


Bedroom in White

We present a recently designed bedroom - a Bedroom In White! White never goes out of fashion and is great for all types of lighting, including natural light. White enhances the feeling of space in a room. This clutter free room designed to be elegant and economical is always going to be a haven of peace for its occupants.


Open Kitchen with European Styling

This kitchen was designed for a client at Oberoi Goregaon, Mumbai. The kitchen has clean lines with minimal clutter. However it is outfitted with premium materials and finishes that gives it the premium look. The open kitchen looks out to the living room with the marble dining platform shared between both rooms.


Living Room With Open Kitchen

We present a new project at Oberoi, Goregaon, Mumbai. The client sought an international look with an open kitchen and living room. The beige-grey marble countertop with  dramatic framing elements of black marble separates the living room from the kitchen; as well as makes for a classy dining table. Elegant leather upholstered bar chairs pair up for a perfect match. Two sectional sofa sets provide the perfect setting for entertaining guests making the most of the large living room space.  The treatment of the curtains is subtle so as to highlight the green exteriors. The approach to the room is kept minimalist with the stone highlighter wall serving as a counter balance. 


Ganpati at Home

Bring Ganpati into your Living Room and be Blessed! At this auspicious time of the year, we bring you an elegant Living Room design that welcomes Lord Ganpati home. Clear out an area of your living room and festoon it with specially designed drapes hung behind an occasional table. Place a small carpet under the table. Add special lighting fixtures to the shrine. Use flower arrangements liberally and make sure they're always fresh.


Home Entertainment Room

Check out our design for a Home Entertainment Room for a villa. The centre of attention in this room is, definitely, the home entrainment system. Set upon a TV unit with a modern and unobtrusive design. The wooden flooring lends to the acoustics of the room and gives it character.  The wall décor behind the sofa doubles up as shelves while the amoeba light grabs your attention in an otherwise sparingly furnished room.


Playful Kid's Bedroom

We designed this bedroom for a nine year old. The bedroom is fully functional with a large bed, desk, book-shelves  and wardrobes (not seen in image.) However the stand-out factor of the room is that this bedroom is a Playroom - and is never boring to be in. Plenty of floor space is left free to spread out a child's playthings and even become a tiny playground. The bright and pale yellow mood lends itself to stimulating a child's imagination and joy.