Dining Area Design

Here's the dining area section of a living room at one of our projects at Oberoi, Goregaon, Mumbai. While the living room theme is contemporary, the dining table, benches and chairs add elements of the classical style to the room which enhances the high-end feel.

Playful Kid's Bedroom

We designed this bedroom for a nine year old. The bedroom is fully functional with a large bed, desk, book-shelves  and wardrobes (not seen in image.) However the stand-out factor of the room is that this bedroom is a Playroom - and is never boring to be in. Plenty of floor space is left free to spread out a child's playthings and even become a tiny playground. The bright and pale yellow mood lends itself to stimulating a child's imagination and joy. 


Heavenly Highrise Bedroom In Mumbai

This week's design is for a high-rise apartment in suburban Mumbai. This 150 sq ft bedroom gets its inspiration from the height of the apartment. We've given it a Blue Sky tinge. The furniture elements are traditional with dainty side bed tables, a classic wing-chair and a head turning chest of drawers with leather trim encased in a glass shell. The bedroom makes the most of its access to the sky with natural light bathing the tiled wall behind the head-board of the bed.  Wall wardrobes are included but not seen in this view.