Home Office cum Bedroom Design at Peddar Road, Mumbai

We were called in to work on a three bedroom home at Peddar Road, South Mumbai. One of the bedrooms was used as a home office by the lady of the house, who is a senior professional, and also as a bedroom and study by the teenage son. The bedroom was also a storeroom for various household items. Over the years furniture and storage was added in a make shift manner as the need arose. 

What we found


The family approached Hompassion interior designers in Mumbai  for home interior design expertise in remodelling the room into a well designed living space which served various purposes - a bedroom cum study for the teenage son, and a professional home office for the lady with plenty of storage space for various household items.

KCourt bedroom view 1.png

What we created

View with bed folded up.

View with bed folded up.

Our design brief was to ensure that the room looked elegant and modern with a bright airy feel. In spite of lots of furniture in the room the Hompassion designers were asked to make the room feel spacious. Our designers used their home decor ideas bank and created a new layout with custom designed desks, wardrobes and a wall mounted folding bed. The furniture and the room were presented in different shades of white to give it an airy and spacious look.