Interior Designers In Mumbai At Budgets You Define

We are Hompassion Interiors, interior designers in Mumbai who take up contracts for interior design and build  for homes and commercial establishments. We specialise in bringing you customised designer interiors at budgets you define.

We are a team that is Passionate about Homes and Workspaces. We collectively bring you years of architecture and interior designing experience with homes, offices and retail spaces. We work with the finest craftsmen and contractors, use sophisticated design tools to bring you original designs built to perfection.

We are redefining the interior design business in Mumbai by bringing you high end design and build services at affordable budgets. 


Interior Decoration for Just You

We start with your personal interior designer meeting you and understanding your needs - your space, functionality, budgets and tastes. After conversations  with you, your family or your colleagues, your designer  will come up with room  design ideas & concepts that are totally customised for you. We will capture your requirements and walk you through various design ideas. Based on your inputs, a personalised design will be short-listed for you.

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Your Own Interior Design Ideas

Once your design is short-listed we will detail it by  rendering and visualisation to enable you to experience the 'look and feel' of the design before the reality even exists. This is done using sophisticated computer imaging techniques. This allows you to experience the design before you spend your budget in the execution of the design, thus saving heartache later. Once you have frozen the design we will cost it for you to enable you to get the assurance of fitting your budget.

At this stage we leave you with the choice of your contractor who would build the design. You can choose between a contractor recommended by Hompassion  or Hompassion instructing your choice of  contractors during the build.